Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Motorcycle stuff...

So...my last blog update was day 1 of my Yellowknife trip...I never did update after that because I basically lost cell service at the NWT border.  Sure I had wifi in a few places, but I decided to simply update Facebook instead as it was just faster.  Suffice it to say, I had a great trip and made it home safe and sound.

Last riding season ended abruptly in the beginning of October with a fall snow that stuck around and never left.  As a result, my bike was parked 3 weeks earlier than the previous year.

Fast forward to spring...oh wait...we still haven't had a typical spring yet.  Last year I had my bike out March 11 for it's first ride.  This year I did manage to get it out April 12 for a quick ride when I needed to drop it off at the shop for its 50000km service.  Hoping to get it back this week, just in time for more snow this weekend.  When will we get nice weather?  ARGH!!

Once I do get the bike back, I need to get new saddle bags, a new sissybar bag and need to look at waterproofing my seat.  Once that thing gets wet is stays wet seemingly forever.

I am hoping to get a number of trips in this year...my goal last year was to hit 20000km for the year and I fell just short of that with the early end to the season.  I was hoping to hit 25000km this year, but with the late start I will be lucky to get close to 20000km.

Maybe next year I can afford to look at a new(er)/bigger bike.  Do I stick with a cruiser or get something different?  Maybe an adventure tourer?  Maybe a sport tourer?  At this point I have a lack of money so I don't have to make any decisions at this time.  :)

That's it for now!