Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Holiday Season brought out the worst in me this year...

So...there I was minding my own business one day when I sneezed. Of course the auto-response for most people is to say "bless you". This got me to thinking...what right do you have to bless me? What if I don't want to be blessed? What if I am NOT religious? Saying that to me might offend me.

Then, my cousin joins a Facebook group called "put Christ back into schools". I have serious problems with this. With all the different religions and beliefs in the world, what right does anyone have to teach "Christ" in the school? A Catholic school is different because you have the choice to send your kids there. I elected to comment on this group saying what I just said above. This opened a big can of worms.

I already had a bee in my bonnet, so I decided to stir the big can of worms I already opened. I joined a Facebook group called "take god out of the Canadian National Anthem". Again, what right does anyone have to impress their religious beliefs on someone else? Simply change the word "god" to "please" in the anthem and all will be well.

Boy was that the wrong thing to do. PLENTY of discussion occurred with the religious nuts coming out and basically telling me that I was doomed. The worst part - one of them was my Mother. Now our relationship is strained because I was "mocking her belief". OMFG.

It is perfectly OK for her to "like" the fact that my cousin joined that group, but it is not OK for me to voice my opinion. It is OK for people to say "god bless you", but it is not OK for me to voice my opinion. It is OK for people to say "so you have no direction in your life?" when you don't believe in god? See where I am looking? That is the direction I am going in my life.

Not only is my Mom disappointed in the fact that I am not a good christian, but now I have my Dad trying to fix things by including my brothers, my daughter and my wife in this discussion. Even after I said "let it go and never talk of it again". Boy our family get-together tomorrow is going to be fun!!!

I guess what annoys me the most about this whole situation, is the fact that the bible is supposed to teach tolerance and forgiveness, yet those people who claim to be Christians are the most intolerant people I know. It is fine if you believe what they believe, but don't attempt to have your own opinion. It is perfectly OK for people to come to my door and push the Watchtower in my face, perfectly OK for people to say "god bless you", perfectly OK for people to pray for me, but apparently it is NOT OK for me to voice my opinion.

I'm sure I could rant about this for pages upon pages, but where will it get me? I will offend someone because I don't agree with their beliefs. It is a losing battle. Feel free to comment if you can handle a rational, logical discussion.