Thursday, December 18, 2008

Been a while, hasn't it? has been quite some time since I posted anything. You know how life get busy doing "stuff" and you forget all about the blog.

My update will be short this time. I have been fighting a cold and then in the last few days it got worse. I went to the doctor and as feared, it is a sinus infection. He gave me some antibiotics and some inhaler for my lungs. Let's hope I feel better before Xmas! :)

Last week we decided to go gift shopping after the hockey game. Walmart is open 24hrs during the holiday shopping season so we figured "why not?" After shopping for a few hours and getting home at 1:30am, we discovered the toilet decided to overflow and keep running for almost 8 hours. Guess where all that water went? For the next 3 hours we cleaned up all the water that drained into the kitchen, then into the basement. The only thing damaged was a couple boxes of books. I have been meaning to replace that particular toilet anyway, so I suppose I should get off my butt and just do it.

So at work we always have a pot-luck lunch for the floor, and this year was no different. This year I went with my 5-alarm (actually it was only 1-alarm) chili. It was very tasty! Everyone brought great food and of course we all ate too much. We put on a couple episodes of The IT Crowd for everyone to watch and that went over really well. Much laughter was to be had!

Other than that, we have 1 more week before Xmas, which means almost 2 weeks off for me! YAY! Hopefully I can update this during the holidays and tell you all about the loot I got! :)