Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! To all of you who get email notifications when I update this thing (and you know who you are) which is worse? Posting a Blog about nothing in particular, or getting email reminders for a Blog about nothing in particular?

So, Christmas came and went again...tho this year I never did manage to get into the spirit. Is it just me getting old?? We made the trip to Grande Prairie again this year and had a good time. The drive up was good for about half the trip, then it got slippery which added another hour onto the trip time. The trip home was not quite as bad. If only it wasn't so damn cold!!! I cleaned up on the gifts again this year and as my wife pointed out, I got almost everything I put on my wish list. It was supposed to be some suggestions and not a list of demands!! LOL Oh well...it is always nice to get spoiled once in a while! My two biggest toys this year were Guitar Hero World Tour and an iPod Touch. "I'm a big kid now!!!" I spent a lot of time watching the World Juniors and the Spengler Cup again this year...it is really becoming a tradition.

New Years Eve was spent at a friends place. Michelle had to work that night so she stayed home to sleep before work. We watched some hockey, then played some poker. It started with 14 of us and we split between 2 tables. When we were down to the final 8 we consolodated onto a single table. At that point those that were out decided it was a good time to fire up the Rock Band and Guitar Hero. I was on the final table and actually made it to the final 3, at which point I decided I would have more fun playing Rock Band than Poker and went All-In. Of course I lost but being 3rd I actually doubled my buy-in so it was all good! 3:30am we finally decided to call it a night and I made my way home.

New Years Day was spent watching more hockey, beginning with the NHL Winter Classic. It was a pretty good game and it sure brought back memories of the Heritage Classic...

After a month of feeling under the weather I think I finally have the damn thing beat. A few sniffles and coughs now and then, but over all I am feeling much better. Just in time to go back to work too.

Speaking of work...11 days off in a row and I finally had to go back. All I can say is when you have that much time invested in sleeping in, it is extremely difficult to get up for work! :) Oh well...have to pay the bills some how!

That's it for now...