Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Update!!!

It's been a fairly quiet, hockey, TV...not too much going on. Although, we did find out that Tracey got engaged on the weekend. Congrats!!

Brittany came over last weekend and I went to her soccer game Sunday morning. She almost scored a goal and it was exciting! Played a little RockBand with her and it was all good.

Worked all week and started my on-call on Thursday. Had a busy weekend which was too bad as I was seriously hoping to do absolutely nothing this weekend. Instead, I spent a number of hours at work, and another few hours working from home. However, the pager so far has let me sleep at night and all the work has been during the day.

Brittany came over again this weekend but we didn't play any RB. Instead, she was stuck with me at work on Saturday for more than 3 hours. Sorry Britt! Went to another soccer game - this time at 9am. Too damn early for a Sunday morning!

Another week is upon us...wonder what is in store this week?!?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Another week, another update

So, from the looks of things, this is probably only going to be updated weekly...and even then only if I remember! LOL

So, I had borrowed Brittany's Rockband while she was in Mexico and I decided to invite Sam and Rob over on Saturday to play. On Friday I made the (snap) decision to go and buy Rockband 2 for the Xbox instead of playing Rockband1. I then went and rented Rockband1 for Xbox (so I could download the songlist) and Guitar Hero World Tour (just to test it with the RB controllers)

On Saturday I told the kids I would make supper for them and they were to come over at 6:00. I made a big pot of chili for dinner...and at one point I tasted it and decided it wasn't spicy enough. I added a dash (yeah right) of hot sauce and didn't taste it again until we ate. It was some of the hottest chili I have made in a long time!! Seriously kicked our butts! It was tasty though so it was all good.

So there we were...rocking out to RB2 and GHWT when the doorbell rings. My parents made a surprise visit and brought dessert! So we played more that night and I convinced my Dad to try the guitar and drums, and my Mom did drums and sang. A good time was had by all! Mom and Dad left late (like 11:30 or something) and Sam and Rob didn't leave until after 1.

So...Monday rolls around and I had taken the day off as Tuesday was a day off for me anyway. That gave me a nice 4-day weekend. The phone rings - it's Sam. She wanted to know if her and Sean could come over and play some RB! Of course I said sure! So, there we were, playing RB again until 2am. Once again, a good time was had by all!

I have to say...Rockband 2 is better than Guitar Hero World Tour for the full band experience. GHWT has better Guitar songs (go figure) but both games are still a ton of fun.

So, Tuesday I decide to play a little single player GH for a while and unlock a new song - Hotel California!!! OMG! That song is SO much fun to play! I have decided to add GHWT to my xmas wish list. Don't need the full Special Edition as I can use the RB controllers. All I need is a GH guitar so that I can have 2.

Thursday night the Oilers played the least I think that's what they called it... They lost 5-2 and I have to say - Leaf fans are the worst fans I know. They are worse than Flames and Canuck fans by far. Ignorant and obnoxious and I wish they would all go jump off a cliff! :P

This coming weekend will prove to be a busy one again. Brittany is coming over, there is a hockey game on Saturday night, and I have to go into work on Sunday morning. I am sure I will find time to play some RB with Britt, so it shouldn't be too bad!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Things that go bump in the night

If I actually had anything important to say, I would probably update this thing more it is, it is time for another update.

So...last Friday was Halloween and I had the day off from work. :) We decorated the front entrance of our house again with glow-in-the-blacklight spiderweb, and other creepy Halloween type stuff. We also put some up outside the house to enhance the look. Then Michelle took an old pair of cover-alls I have, stuffed them and sat our "man" in a chair in the front yard. I gave him a Jason mask, Michelle built him a cardboard axe - complete with blood - and we were set for the night. Michelle put on a pumpkin costume and I wore my green glowy mask and waited for the kids to come. And waited...and waited some more. We had candy for almost 50 kids, and were lucky if we got 20. VERY dissapointing. About 8:30 we decided to call it a night and went for supper.

Saturday was to be a busy day. With the mother-in-law coming to stay the weekend, we had to tidy up a bit, watch the hockey game and then get ready for the Halloween party at Derek's. As some of you may know I was going as Uncle Fester. With the shaved head it seemed like the thing to do. Covered my head with a green/white mixture of makeup, added the black around the eyes and I was Uncle Fester! Michelle went as a sexy vampire and looked amazing.
We stopped at the liquor store to get a little something to drink. One of the girls working there said "you look just like Uncle Lester!"...yeah...Uncle Lester...exactly what I was going for. LOL I didn't bother to correct her, but I did say "I woke up this morning with a full head of hair and really wanted to make the costume work..." She totally believed me. Not saying she was dumb or anything...
So we get to Derek's house and Derek is dressed in this inflatable Sumo suit. Brilliant!! It was awesome! We were early and there were only a few people there, including someone who said she saw me in the liquor store! Small world eh? LOL
So Derek and Leanne did Jello shots for everyone - in 30cc syringes!!! Ingenious!! Had a couple of those and the party was on.
Almost everyone who came dressed up so it was a great success. The only sticklers were Dave and Amy, some other couple I don't know, a couple of Leanne's friends from work...otherwise the rest of us were in costume.
Halfway through the night the Guitar Hero World Tour was fired up. I was rockin out!! Played some drums, played some guitar and even got to sing a few songs. Good fun was had by all!

Sunday we went for brunch with Michelle's Mom, then the girls wanted to shop for a bit...after I managed to finally make it home we watched the hockey game. The Oil won the game to make it 2 in a row. Chilled out for the rest of the day to finish off the weekend.