Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm back!

So it's been a while since I updated this Blog...that must mean either I am too lazy, or not much has been happening that warrants an upgrade.  How about C) all of the above?  :)

There was a 17 day period where I basically vanished from reality - we will call it the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics!  That's right...for 17 days I was either at work, or sitting in front of the TV watching the Olympics.  For some reason (those that know me will get this) I prefer the winter sports over the summer sports.  I watched more Winter Olympic coverage in one day than I have watched of ALL the Summer Olympics.  But I digress...

So...on the topic of Winter Olympics...who here like the hockey?  Both the men's and women's games were OUTSTANDING.  It was like an NHL all-star game, except exciting.  There was hitting and the players looked like they actually WANTED to be there.  It was AWESOME!

My favourite sports in the Winter Olympics are (in no particular order):
  • Hockey
  • snowboard cross
  • ski cross
  • speed skating - both long and short track
  • moguls
I also watched the figure skating when nothing else was on (you believe me right?), ski jumping and aerials.  The downhill, half-pipe and the X-country skiing stuff doesn't really interest me all that much...tho I did watch a little bit of the biathlon too.  Something about guns makes it more interesting.  :P

The Opening Ceremonies was pretty good, though I thought it was a little too much with the Native Culture.  The rest of the world probably thinks we are all like that...maybe I am wrong.  However, I thought they did a good job.  The thing I hated the most was the singing of our National Anthem.  While she might have a great voice, her arrangement was absolutely BRUTAL.  Here is a youtube link that has the audio.  To me she sounded like a lounge singer.  The National Anthem is meant to be sung by everyone in attendance and there was NO WAY you could ever sing along with this.  BRUTAL!  The other bad part was the lighting of the flame and the epic failure with the one arm that didn't raise.  It was too bad that Catriona Le May Doan didn't get to light the flame.

The Closing Ceremonies were not quite what I was expecting.  I liked the way they joked about the 4th arm and how they got it to finally raise up, but what I really liked was that Catriona got to light it.  Very classy on the part of the VOC.  What I did NOT like, was the choice of musical numbers.  Were none of the talented Canadian musical acts available?  I know some people really like Nickelcrap, I am just not one of them.  I could rant about them for a while, but I won't.  :P  I did like the way we made fun of ourselves though with the flying moose and big beavers...typical Canadians!  :)

After the Olympics the NHL Trade Deadline came and went.  I think everyone expected the Oilers to do some big things...instead they traded away our best 2 defensemen.  We did get some decent ones back, but it was far short of anyone's expectations.  Hopefully the team can get rid of the dead weight in the off-season.  We can only hope I guess!

I got my Oilers Season Ticket renewal in the mail...looks like they didn't increase the price this year.  YAY!  LOL  I also get a chance to enter a draw for the WJHC being held in Edmonton/Calgary at Christmas.  Unfortunately, the medal games will be held in Calgary so the chances of getting tickets will be next to impossible.  Oh well...hopefully I get selected!

That's it for this time ya later!