Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Why do some people think that I am crazy for not liking the heat? When it gets above 24c I get cranky. Even in the shade it becomes too uncomfortable for me. You start to sweat, your clothes stick to you and it is all around not fun.

The sun is my worst enemy too. As a red head I can burn in like 30 minutes. How is that fun?

So, when the talk comes around to holidays, people are surprised when I day no to places like Cuba or Mexico. In fact they are actually shocked. I didn't go with the family trip to Cuba because of the heat.

Go ahead and ridicule me all you want. I will be nice and cool in my air conditioned house while you are roasting in unbearable heat.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Windows 7

So, I have been playing with Windows 7 for a while now. I had heard that it was supposed to fix all that was wrong with Vista. Considering that I refused to run Vista as it was so bad, I thought I would try out the public Beta in a VM for a while.

The beta seemed actually quit good so I thought I would try running it on my home machine. Without getting into too many details, the install was slick and the OS seemed really good. Even in beta it was better than Vista.

After running it for a while and upgrading to all the leaked builds as well as the public RC, I gave it up. There was some networking bug that affected some people but not others. I was one of the affected. I went back to Windows 2008 workstation.

However, we got more ram in our work machines so I thought it would be a great test to see how it runs in a work environment. I dual booted my machine with the standard XP and Windows 7. I have to say I love it. Everything now works that I have tried. Some of our applications needed some tweaks, while most just worked. A couple needed an updated version downloaded but I am happy to say that everything I need to do my job is working.

I also installed it on my laptop to see how it would run on older hardware. For the most part I am quite happy with it. Sometimes it seems to take longer to wake up than the XP did, but overall it is running about the same. I think I will keep it.

For anyone that is currently running Vista, I highly suggest you run out and buy the upgrade while it is on sale. You will not be dissapointed.